Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I think I may have bitten of more than I can chew!

My bestfriends Mum is 80 next year and has asked me to make her invites. Now I've never done anything like this before!!!!!!

I've tried a few things but everything I've tried looks so rubbish I won't even put it up on here.
I need some inspiration and wondered if anyone had any ideas?

I know its a long time off but I opened my mouth and said I'd have a couple done for the weekend for her to see :0(

Here's hoping someone has a idea!!!
Love Clairebears x


  1. Are you wanting something simple with the numbers on or something complicated? Easy would be the numbers in miri card matted onto a couple of shaped layers of something with most of it left white - if you need any more ideas give me a shout xx

  2. For my friends 80th, I just found out what her favorite colour was and folded the card in half, printed the invite onto vellum and popped it inside...On the front was an embossed flower in gold and a biggish embossed 80th in gold..then spread them out on the table and popped a butterfly 3D sticker on each one...done
    the were quick, pretty, looked like a mini book..
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. Eeek, all those invites! I made 50 for my neices eighteenth last year, not quite the same age but what I did was used Anita's 5x5" plain white base cards that came with envelopes, I cutout a dress from a template in pretty paper, then punched 2 balloons with a craft punch adding 18 in peel offs on the balloons, doodled the strings and then stamped the word Party underneath the balloons. I added a few sequins and gems to the dress to bling it up a little. For the inside I just printed out all the details for the party. To be honest, they didn't take very long to do as I did all the elements in batches.
    If in doubt, always go with flowers - they always look good on cards.