Sunday, 2 January 2011

A light bulb moment - Altered Diary (I think!)

This year I haven't really had any holiday to chill and relax. My holiday has been taken up by running after my daughter and taking her to theatres and rehearsals which I don't mind but leaves me no time for a holiday this year.

I was looking forward to this break and maybe a little crafting - which I have done in abundance lol!

Anyway enought waffling, yesterday I was transfering everything into my new boring grown up diary (A5 size)

When I had a light bulb moment - transform it, make it mine (well no one else would want it lol!)

So thats what I've done.

The front - it was boring red.

The Back

The day ribbon bit

I'm not sure who makes the papers and the stickers, they were meant to be for a scrapbook page I had going on in my head! I used Modge Podge to stick it all together and a bit of ribbon down the spine. I only need to varnish it now. But I didn't have any yesterday. As I wasn't planning to do this lol!

Then my idea is to put a stamp on every day, but as I go along.
This was yesterdays I'm not sure where I found this one and thats my idea so I can write next to it who's it is.

I love my new diary and can't wait for the rest of the year to play!

Thank you for looking and reading my mutterings :)

Happy New Year!!!!!


  1. Claire, that's a fabulous idea! Even when companies do try to 'jazz' up their stationery it doesn't hit the mark for everyone.

    FairyD x

  2. I'm glad you like it :) I think its a good idea the cat keeps moving otherwise he'd find himself being part of a craft project! x

  3. Its lovely what you have done to your diary! So much more fun to make things your own! The papers are beautiful! I hope you get to make lots more in 2011 and enjoy your crafting xx