Thursday, 23 December 2010

Little Bessie VE Day Card

I've been playing again this morning.
Fairy Doodlers Little Bessie is celebrating VE day today. She's at a street party :)
You can find Little Bessie at
She now has a new little friend called Charlie too who is going to have to live with me and Little Bessie.

All the other images were found on the web and I have played with them in My Craft Studios to change the colours a little.
A bit of string and buttons were also used.
Thank you for looking :)


  1. Oh Claire....this is FAB!!! Did you had tint the photographs?!?! Their great! I love her red shoes....I had red shoes like that!!!

    Isn't it interesting how a hair colour can change 'someone' so dramatically! She has a ghost like quality in your first card and a cheekier look in this one.....hark at me...talking about her as if she's real!!!! ;o)

    Can't wait to see "Charlie" now!!!

    FairyD x

  2. I meant to say...hand tint!!!

  3. Hi Fairy D
    That photo was in colour already, I did play with the colours on the flag to dull it down but that was on the pc too :)
    Your right about how her colouring changes who she is.
    I think of her as real too!!!!!
    Ive been busy working today (must wash my mouth out after saying that word!) so Charlie may have to wait till tomorrow but I have something speacial planned for them!
    Its gonna be in keeping though lol x